Hi, I am Aneza, the photographer at Aneza Photography from Athens, Greece. 
After 9 Years experience i feel so lucky to do my passion as a job.
 I love photography because through it I can see a bigger, brighter world full of colors and opportunities!
 I don’t only like capturing portraits of people, but I also love immortalizing moments of happiness, through my camera, of people getting married or having their child baptized. 
“A picture has the magic to make a moment last forever!”, that’s why creating photo albums is not only a big part of the projects that I undertake, but also one of my favorite and most fun activities.
 A photo album for me is a list of memories, which can be cherished through eternity. My specialization is creating artistic concepts.
 The goal of said projects is to bring out the uniqueness of each individual and highlight his, hers or its, if it’s for commercialized purposes, exceptional attributes.
Aneza Photography
Professional Wedding Photographer in Greece & Cyprus
Email: anezakarabali@gmail.com | Tel: 0030 690 89 96 081 
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